Love's auctionOn his last night on the Tonight Show Johnny Carson said, “If I could do it all again, I would love to do it.”

Ken Passmore has not had his last show. But I am willing to admit, if I could do it all again, I would love to do it. I have had a fantastic trip over the last 50 years. It all began in the early ‘60s at Love’s Auction on Broadway.

Mr. Gib Love was the auctioneer. His wife was at the registration desk and his daughter Sandy was on the cash register. A real family affair, except for Horst (of no relation) who was holding and displaying the auction items.

I did not register for a bidding paddle at the desk because I was only attending out of curiosity.

Gib Love was a very good auctioneer and easy to understand. I was enjoying the moment with great enthusiasm. Not that I had any desire to buy anything, I was just nosey.

As the auction proceeded it was easy to spot who was buying all the cranberry glass: buyer number 3 (Mr. Watkins). I noticed that people were getting very good value for the furniture compared to the prices I had seen in the shops along South Granville Street.

Then along came a colourful china cup and saucer. I did not hear Mr. Love’s description, but I did think it was kind of pretty. The bidding started at a dollar or so I thought, then it went to one and a quarter, then one and a half, then one seventy five and finally two twenty five. A reasonable price, I thought, for that pretty cup and saucer. Then Mr. Love said, “sold for two hundred and twenty-five dollars.”

I felt like a cow looking at a train.

And that was it. I was hooked. I knew I would be back for the antique auction scheduled for the following month.




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