Variety Warehouse Sales was in the Bravew block of Sixth Avenue in New Westminster, kitty corner from the White Spot on 12th Street and directly across from a Safeway store. A great location! Maybe.

Our new landlord doubled our rent the third month, and we had to give him notice that we would be vacating the premises. But not before a lovely older lady, Mrs. Mathieson, loaded us up with delightful antiques she no longer wanted.

Len and I spent well over three thousand dollars at Mrs. Mathieson’s apartment getting “WOW” stuff at even “WOWER” prices. Our wives displayed our new old merchandise and soon our front window looked as good as anything on Granville Street.

In less than a month it was practically all gone and our pockets were jingling and we all felt like seasoned antique dealers.

Lynn Walters Auctions (anybody out there who can remember that company? I will never forget it) was a Portland, Oregon based and shipped containers of antiques from England, Belgium and Holland.


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