1978 auctioning Queen Victoria's Bloomers

1978 Fort Langley

The clock on the wall tells me it’s time to stop and “Stop – that means Stop!”


One more GIANT AUCTION sale where everything and anything goes.



Sunday, December 13th, 2015
12 noon
Preview: 10:00 a.m. to 12 noon
Classy Willoughby Hall

208 Street & 83 Avenue
Langley, BC

I don’t hear too good… Escargot still tastes like snails… I can’t walk… I never could sing… but…but…but…

I LOVE antiques… and I LOVE antique collectors who LOVE antiques and we share a wonderful affliction, be it ever so humble.

Come share with me this final auction.

Allow me time to say how much I love you. Yes, love!

I think I have proved it because so many of you have marvelous antiques that I brought to auction.

Rack up the balls, boys
Put away the cues.
Old Father Time is on your trail
And he ain’t gonna lose.

For Sale By Owner TO START WITH AND FEATURING… my hand built sign trailer 12′ ,  ten 2’x8′ “Estate Auction” signs, 12 large picture easels, many table cloths, round braided carpets, smaller picture and plate easels, all of my tools and cleaning supplies, packing tubs, hand trucks and dollies, my auction chair and podium. My precious PA system, my auction calendar and date panels, my office cash register, adding machine and pigeon hole file.
YOU name it, I will sell it to the  highest bidder… even my furniture pads.  It’s all going to go.

And now to antiques… all of my leftover elegant Royal Doulton figurines, Hummel figures, Toby character mugs, large iron baker’s rack, Bayo oil lamp, limited edition prints by Robert Bateman, oil paintings, signed and dated antique mantle clock from England, early American mantle clock, Wall clock with time and strike, to leaded glass window panels, 3 han-knotted Persian carpets, 6 Royal Doulton china angel bells…
And now we come to consignments… Pictures will tell it all, enjoy this online preview… much more to come.

Come and say hello – and goodbye.

Love, Ken

Royal Doulton Figurines

Royal Doulton Character MugsEnglish Mantle Clock

Royal Doulton figurine

Royal Doulton Figurines

Royal Doulton Angel Bells

Persian Carpet


wall mirror

 Bread Maker










2 thoughts on “Antique & Estate Auction: Dec 13th

  1. Hi Ken,
    Not sure if we can make it on Sunday but we’ll try ! I don’t know if you are selling any doors but you know what they say…..when one door closes another opens ! We started our “new” business when we were waaaay past retirement ! All the VERY best for your new future.

    Fred & Anne Hails.
    Dickens Sweets & British Museum.


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