Sunday, April 10, 2016

Preview: 10 am

Auction: 12 noon

Willoughby Hall
20809 83 Ave, Langley, BC

1. You can own a piece has of history. Every piece has a story. Where was it made. Do you who designed it. What does it reflect about the era in which it was made. And that story becomes part of your history and you become part of it’s timeless tale. These aren’t just furniture and dishes: they are icons of culture and design and human history.

2. You will learn history.  Even if you don’t buy, each antique or collectible piece  tells us something about those who travelled these hallways and highways before us. I have learned (and remembered) more history as an antique auctioneer than I ever did as a student.

3. Antiques are an investment. Sometimes you can resell them at a profit – especially if you keep them for a while and take care of them. But even if you don’t sell them, they are an investment, they are an investment in making your home or business beautiful and comfortable.

4. Antiques last. They are made well and unlike particle board furniture and plastic kitchenware, with a little care – you can pass them along to your grandchildren the pieces you buy tomorrow. And your grandchildren, in turn, can pass them along to their children or grandchildren.

5. Auctions are the most affordable way to buy. Antique stores and malls are fabulous for offering large volumes and variety, and some of them have the added benefit of specializing in a particular style or era. A great many dealers buy at auction. Affordability is a large part of the reason why.

6. Auctions are fun. They are populated with warm, interesting people who are happy to share their knowledge and their stories. There is no place else where  you will meet such a cast of characters.

7. You get to see beautiful and interesting pieces like these – and SO MUCH MORE



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